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A Natureza em sua exuberância e magia cria infinitas formas, cores, sabores, texturas, desenhos, arte, contrastes, vertentes e inimagináveis movimentos de intricadas linhas, cristais, caracóis, estrelas, caules e raízes que se espalham em diversos sentidos dando vida, beleza, harmonia e se transforma em um dos princípios da matemática e da geometria.   


A special type of broccoli, this cruciferous and tasty cousin of the cabbage is a particularly symmetrical fractal. Cook it for your favorite mathematician.
5. Fern

Images via red dirt road and travelblog
The fern is one of many flora that are fractal; it’s an especially good example.
6. Queen Anne’s Lace

Image via Chrisjfry
The delicate Queen Anne’s Lace, which is really just wild carrot, is a beautiful example of a floral fractal. Each blossom produces smaller iterative blooms. This particular image was shot from underneath to demonstrate the fractal nature of the plant.
7. Broccoli

Image via American Feast
Though not as famously geometric as its relative the Romanescu, broccoli is also a fractal.
8. Peacock

Images via National Geographic and Neatorama
Males of both the white peacock and standard peacock variety are resplendent examples of fractals in the animal kingdom. Trivia: the white peacock is not an albino.
9. Pineapple

Image via Free Wallpaper
The pineapple is an unusual fruit that is, in fact, a fractal. Though often associated with Hawaii the fruit is a native of southern Brazil.
10. Clouds

Image via daily dose of imagery and Allan Ferguson
Look outside your window – you may see a fractal cloud at any moment.
11. Crystals

Images via gdargaud, Indigo Society, ESRF and Designer
Both chemically-formed crystals and ice and frost crystals are breathtaking examples of fractals in nature.
12. Mountain ranges

Images via USGS, Clemson and Gemland
Both shorelines and mountain ranges are considered loosely fractal. These particular examples are beautiful.
13. Trees and Leaves

Images via timalbertson, Yale, enchanter, background wallpaper
From the macro view of a leaf to the span of a tree’s branches, fractals turn up frequently.
14. Shorelines

Image via Today is a good day
This stunningly complex fractal shoreline is none other than the pan handle of Florida.
15. Rivers and fjords

Images via Today is a good day and e-picworld
From the midwest of the United States to the icy fjords of Norway, fractals are often viewed by airline passengers – these particular travelers were savvy enough to snap photographs.
16. Sea urchins and sea stars

Images via jurvetson and curious animals
Sea urchins are compact, almost artistic little creatures; sea stars are more commonly referred to as starfish.
17. Stalagmites and stalactites

Images via wikimedia, Yale and Good Earth Graphics
By now you know that stalagmites shoot up from the ground while stalactites form overhead.
Amazing fractal configurations all. The links at the beginning of this post are highly recommended as they are a great start to exploring even more wondrous natural and artificial fractals.

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